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Advisory for External Audit

Our audit department is ready to analyse business aspects and offer improvements, with skilled experts providing valuable insights and recommendations. We also fulfil the role of auditor in external audit assignments, which contributes to financial transparency and enhances stakeholder trust. Audits also reveal fraud and operational risks, contributing to a thorough understanding of business operations. 

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations
  • Effective communication
  • Technological competence
  • Team-oriented and ethical approach

Our experts’ tasks

Our experts carry out a wide range of audit work with the aim of providing a deep understanding of your organisation's operations. This includes detailed analyses of financial statements, business processes and internal control systems. We focus on identifying inefficiencies and shortcomings in business processes and suggesting improvements. Our experts also focus on identifying potential risks that could harm your organisation, and provide solutions to address vulnerabilities quickly. 

Besides the analytical aspect, our audit experts can also formulate challenging objectives with you, with a progressive approach and a focus on feasibility. Moreover, we value ethical standards and regulations within the audit practice, and will guide your organisation towards sustainability and responsibility, contributing to a better society.

Our tools

For efficient collaboration, we use CaseWare cloud. This tool incorporates modules that work with you in a collaborative way. This ensures that e-mails do not have to be sent back and forth constantly.

We also use Datasnipper. This tool allows us to conduct audit work very efficiently. The tool links transactions with the underlying documentation and speeds up the process. 

  • CaseWare cloud 
  • Datasnipper

Your point of contact for External Audit

My professional journey began with a passion for auditing. From the earliest days of my career, I was fascinated by this profession. At university, my curiosity was piqued by the idea that auditing offers deep insight into businesses, and that remains true to this day. It feels like a constant open door to the corporate world, where there is something new to discover every week and every day. 

My tasks vary all the time. One day I will be in touch with a client company for which we have been appointed commissioner, another day we are preparing detailed reports on specific transactions. On other days, the audit team will meet to discuss findings and make recommendations for the client. 

A range of challenges are provided as a result of the varied nature of the job, the different deadlines and collaborating with the clients. It requires perseverance, communication and, above all, an ability to listen to clients. The word ‘audit’ derives from the Latin word ‘audire’, meaning ‘to listen’. This reflects the essence of our work: listening carefully to our clients' needs. 

At the same time, we must always remain independent. This is crucial because not only shareholders, but all stakeholders benefit from the audited and reviewed financial figures that are presented by companies. Building relationships with our clients is essential, but we always do so while maintaining complete independence. 

In the world of auditing, every day is a new challenge, and I would like to invite you to discover more about my experience and dedication on this website. 

Karel Nijs, expert External Audit

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