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Accountancy & tax

We coach your business to the next level. How? By bringing in the right financial experts and considering both your organisation and you as a person. Your accounting and financial reporting are in professional hands. Our generalists are your permanent point of contatc and give you an insight into your current and future figures. They will call in specialists where necessary. After all, navigating a financially prudent course is all about oversight. 

  • Bookkeeping from a to z
  • Guidance on mergers and acquisitions
  • Support with incorporation or amendments to articles of association
  • Drafting contracts or providing legal advice
  • Providing tax advice, VAT compliance or estate planning
  • Personal advice tailored to your project
  • Support for legal restructuring and simplification of groups
  • Succession planning support and VAT quick scan
  • Financial reports with insights about your business

Your point of contact for Accountancy & Tax

My extensive career has involved accountancy, internal and external audit, transactions, tax, controlling and outsourcing. My passion for numbers eventually led me to the role of generalist, and I enjoy serving as the business coach or right-hand man for a company and/or entrepreneur. In this context, I engage the necessary specialists where necessary. As a generalist accountant, I am perfect for the role of business coach due to the broad knowledge and experience I have gained within the various financial fields.

I carry out my day-to-day role with passion and perseverance and feel like I have a dream job. As Service Line accountancy manager, I work with the team to set out the strategy and vision for this service line. In doing so, I employ a coaching style that focuses on inspiration, commitment and a transparent culture.

Jurgen Jackers, expert Accountancy & Tax

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Contact Jurgen Jackers,
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