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IFRS & Consolidation

Our experienced team of more than 20 consultants offers extensive expertise in financial reporting, consolidation and compliance with reporting rules such as IFRS, BE GAAP and US GAAP. We target a diverse audience, including family groups, private equity-funded groups, companies considering an IPO, listed companies and subsidiaries of foreign groups. Whether this concerns accurate reporting for legal purposes or management, our team is ready to provide tailor-made solutions to meet your organisation's specific needs. 

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Flexible collaboration adapted to the maturity of the company's finance department
  • Combining knowledge with tools to achieve an efficient and sustainable process

Your point of contact for IFRS & consolidation

My passions can be found within IFRS, consolidation, reporting, controlling, BI & analytics and AI.  Along with my various teams within IFRS & consolidation, Controlling & performance management and BI & analytics, we provide companies and clients with insights and support in all their challenges within these areas.  We believe customers can make their processes more efficient and effective and we can do likewise for our services by integrating tools & software. I am also very proud of our partnerships with IBM, Amana and LucaNet and our in-house developed Finvision Cloud Platform, which allow us to collaborate with customers and provide robust and innovative software solutions.  I am also still an active corporate auditor, the activity that has shaped me so far.  Finally, I am also a fan of AI and aim to be a forerunner within Finvision so that our organisation and services can begin to embrace, integrate and apply this new technology. 

Sam Verfaille - expert IFRS & Consolidatie

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Contact Sam Verfaillie,
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