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Wide-ranging financial expertise.

Looking for some specific finance know-how tailored to your business? Rest assured, our wide range of expertise covers just about all areas of finance.   Get in touch to find out more: 

Accountancy & tax

We coach your business to the next level. How? By bringing in the right financial experts and considering both your organisation and you as a person. Your accounting and financial reporting are in professional hands. Our generalists are your permanent point of contatc and give you an insight into your current and future figures. They will call in specialists where necessary. After all, navigating a financially prudent course is all about oversight. 

Controlling & performance management

Our goal within Controlling & performance management? Giving you a clear understanding of your company's figures and processes. Our controllers serve as genuine business partners. They analyse, plan and monitor your business data and provide you and your management team with informed advice on this basis. So you can maintain an overview, make quick decisions and achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently.

IFRS & consolidatie

Our experienced team of more than 20 consultants offers extensive expertise in financial reporting, consolidation and compliance with reporting rules such as IFRS, BE GAAP and US GAAP. We target a diverse audience, including family groups, private equity-funded groups, companies considering an IPO, listed companies and subsidiaries of foreign groups. Whether this concerns accurate reporting for legal purposes or management, our team is ready to provide tailor-made solutions to meet your organisation's specific needs. 

Data & process

Within the Data & process domain, we support you in risk management (both internal and external) in relation to the risks to which your activities are exposed. We focus on analysing and improving business processes from different perspectives. Our collaborative mindset and pragmatic approach are essential in this respect. After all, we are entrepreneurs ourselves and understand that advice should be both practical and tailored to your business. 

BI & analytics

Our area of expertise Business Insights & Analytics works closely with Controlling & performance management, with both striving to gain crucial business insights for adjusting business operations and plans. During a BI & analytics project, we guide you and your organisation through generating clear insights and then integrate these into reporting tools. Controlling & Performance management goes a step further by interpreting these figures and providing advice based on data available from the tools. Together, these are two essential elements for business success. 

Credit management

In theory, credit management has three main goals: working capital optimisation, credit risk management and default prevention. In practice, however, we apply a tailor-made approach adapted to the specific needs of your business. Our experts ensure a proactive approach with clear procedures that are respectful to you and fit your organisation's strategy. We provide insights into the client portfolio, with risk assessment and prioritisation, and present it clearly in reports for instant access to relevant information. 

External audit

Our audit department is ready to analyse business aspects and offer improvements, with skilled experts providing valuable insights and recommendations. We also fulfil the role of auditor in external audit assignments, which contributes to financial transparency and enhances stakeholder trust. Audits also reveal fraud and operational risks, contributing to a thorough understanding of business operations. 

Transaction Advisory Services

Within TAS, we guide investors, entrepreneurs and financiers so that they can make informed investment or financing decisions. We intervene in the context of acquisitions, mergers, restructuring processes, transfers and financing decisions, offering the required insights into a company's financial performance, risks and business drivers. We do this based on an analysis of both historical and forward-looking information. Our experts offer valuation advice and due diligence support. We thus strengthen your negotiating position and you gain a better understanding of the target.