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More than figures at Finvision

Get to know more about ESG & CSRD and Compliance & Fraud risk management. 

ESG & CSRD at Finvision

Do not underestimate the importance of sustainability for your business, your employees and other stakeholders. European legislation, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and, coming in a few years, the Sustainable Due Diligence Directive (SDDD), may feel to many businesses like an added reporting obligation. However, at Finvision, we believe you can also take value from these as a business. As such, you can achieve a more sustainable business by integrating ESG-related metrics as part of your internal decision-making process. All this can convince investors, prospective applicants and customers alike to go with your business in the long-term.

Compliance & Fraud risk management

Every business works hard and long to build a good reputation and create added value. As an entrepreneur, you do this in a strong and complexly regulated society. 

However, the reputation and added value that you, as a business, achieve can disappear in an instant when your company or its executives are accused of unethical or illegal behavior. Or when it becomes a victim of fraud itself. Sooner or later, you will encounter one of these situations, risking your future. That is why our specialized advisors focus on more than just your numbers.