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Is your financial administration completely on track? Good for you. But what about your tax and legal obligations – and rights? They also deserve the full attention of a CFO and SME manager.

Does your company meet all its tax and legal obligations? Are you already using all your tax opportunities? And how do you limit your tax risks? Stop racking your brains about it by yourself: call in an expert.

Finvision assists you with advice and assistance: from professional advice to practical solutions. Our experts closely monitor fiscal and legal news. That way, you will have peace of mind.

Your tax advisor

Trust your Finvision expert for:

  • advice on Belgian and international points of interest around transactions and structures
  • an optimisation exercise of the fiscal situation of your company and its stakeholders
  • guidance with regard to personal and corporate income tax, VAT and other tax branches such as regional and local taxation (vacancy tax, business tax and property tax)
  • advice on your wealth and succession planning
  • support during tax audits and disputes – a few examples: prepare and submit tax statements, intervene in tax files at the mediation service or court
  • negotiations during rulings
  • calculations of tax provisions
  • preparation and submission of your tax returns
  • temporary support of your internal tax department in the case of absences or temporary projects that completely absorb your permanent employees

Your legal counsel

Standing legally firm is a must. Play it safe and engage our legal experts. Their knowledge of corporate law makes them ready for all your questions about:

  • rental agreements
  • invoicing terms
  • service-level agreements
  • foundations of companies
  • amendments to the articles of association
  • mergers and divisions
  • dissolutions and liquidations
  • acquisition or transfer of shares
  • cooperation agreements

Restructuring plans? Consider the tax authorities!

Merge, split your business (partially) or start a new division? These are just a few cases where legal restructuring is imposed.

Immediately estimate the fiscal and legal aspects behind the restructuring. Call on Finvision and enjoy full tax and legal guidance – from the fiscal feasibility analysis to the fiscal and legal implementation of your modified business situation.

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Your contacts for tax & legal

 Alix Stockman
Alix Stockman
Expert in tax & legal
Geert Van Hemelryck
Geert Van Hemelryck
Expert in accountancy, audit & tax
Jurgen Jackers
Jurgen Jackers
Expert in accountancy, audit & tax