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ESG & CSRD at Finvision

Do not underestimate the importance of sustainability for your business, your employees and other stakeholders. European legislation, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and, coming in a few years, the Sustainable Due Diligence Directive (SDDD), may feel to many businesses like an added reporting obligation. However, at Finvision, we believe you can also take value from these as a business. As such, you can achieve a more sustainable business by integrating ESG-related metrics as part of your internal decision-making process. All this can convince investors, prospective applicants and customers alike to go with your business in the long-term.

As the first CSRD reports draw ever closer, with the 2024 report coming in 2025. We recommend all companies that fall or will fall within this scope to start preparations. Our experts can help you with all or part of this process:

  • Risk Assessment and double materiality: Under the CSRD, the concept of dual materiality has been clearly defined. The idea is that, as a business, you identify both the impact of your activities on society, combined with the influence of external factors, such as social and environmental considerations on your business performance. 
  • Define KPIs/targets: After the materiality exercise, we then determine which elements we can improve and what targets to set. E.g. reduce your CO2 emissions.
  • KPI implementation: Measuring KPIs should ideally be as automated as possible. To achieve this, we need to think of putting convenient systems in place.
  • Reporting: We work with several reporting tool providers, are we are happy to help you implement whatever you go. 
  • Roadmap/improvement: With setting ambitious targets, you also need tangible actions to achieve them. Using a project-based approach, we work with your internal experts on concrete roadmaps to achieve these targets.
  • Internal/External audit: Under the CSRD, external parties will have to give their own assessment of whether the sustainability reporting meets these requirements. As an external auditor ourselves, we can offer you our very own take on this.

Want to know more about ESG & CSRD?

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