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Advisory for Credit management

In theory, credit management has three main goals: working capital optimisation, credit risk management and default prevention. In practice, however, we apply a tailor-made approach adapted to the specific needs of your business. Our experts ensure a proactive approach with clear procedures that are respectful to you and fit your organisation's strategy. We provide insights into the client portfolio, with risk assessment and prioritisation, and present it clearly in reports for instant access to relevant information. 

  • Focus on the bigger picture, including accurate billing and complaint handling
  • All-round approach for an efficient policy
  • Assessment of current credit management level
  • Audit of process with optimisation proposals

Our experts’ tasks

  • Customer follow-up 
  • Sending reminders
  • Recognise risks and opportunities
  • Examination of your company

Our tools

Our tools always aim to manage and improve debt management in a structured and efficient way. 


Your point of contact for Credit Management

In my role as credit manager, I act as a bridge between sales and finance, taking into account both financial and commercial considerations and analysing and communicating effectively. I consider myself a bridge builder due to the fact that I think, analyse and communicate fluently both financially and commercially.  As a strategist and pragmatist, I am actively involved in operational tasks. The main Unique Selling Points (USPs) of our credit management include credit risk reduction, cash flow improvement, customer relationship management, credit management optimisation and professional debt collection management for your business. On top of that, I keep my finger on the pulse by carrying out operational tasks too. 

Caroline Dierckx, Our expert in Credit management

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