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We would like to invite you to our Finvision Academy 2022 IFRS Series. The next IFRS topics we will cover is IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements, IFRS 11 Joint arrangements and IAS 28 Equity Accounting”. The objective of this webinar is to provide you an in-dept knowledge of the IFRS requirements combined with many practical examples. The following topics will be discussed during this webinar:

  • Scope & definitions
  • What is control?
  • Investment entities
  • Consolidation procedures
  • Loss of control / changes in ownership interest without loss of control
  • Call and put options over non-controlling interest
  • What is significant influence? What is joint control?
  • Difference between a joint venture and a joint operation
  • Application of the equity accounting method
  • Accounting for a joint operation

We do combine the theoretical principles with different practical examples.

This webinar is free of charge and will be limited in time to allow you to combine this with your daily tasks and schedules. Note that this webinar is approved by the Institute of certified auditors (IBR/IRE) and a certification can be obtained upon request to training@finvision.be.

Attention – these topics will be covered over two webinars!

For any questions, please contact training@finvision.be.

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