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Credit management:
from a to z

Every company benefits from professional and permanent credit management. However, time, people or know-how are often missing. That’s when Finvision is your partner.

Our experts apply their experience to support your company temporarily or permanently.

What are our focus points? Optimising your working capital, reducing your risks and working towards solid receivables reporting.

Finvision selects the senior expert who best suits your company structure and culture. Subsidising your credit manager with the KMO Portefeuille? Request it!

Analyse, manage and communicate

Would you like to know how Finvision drives your credit management? Discover our four-step approach:

1 Analyse your customer portfolio

We run your complete customer base under the microscope to achieve a realistic picture of the situation, creating the necessary customer segmentation and profiles, and determine the best strategy for each customer target group.

2 Build a credit control policy

A good working credit control policy is a must-have for your company. We set up a policy plan with attention to the competencies and responsibilities. We agree to procedures for credit, collection, invoicing and disputes. Thanks to our receivables tool with a dashboard, you will quickly have an efficient overview.

3 Take a professional approach to customers

Your Finvision credit manager uses the right tone to speak to your customers: polite but consistent. This smooth communication enhances the customer relationship, also when there are payment difficulties.

4 Help the organisation to move forward

Thanks to the enforced data analysis, you obtain a clearer insight into the payment behaviour of your customer base. This detailed information, in turn, supports the decision processes in sales, marketing and logistics.

Your extra Finvision benefits

Process improvement

Efficient company management can’t exist without smooth functioning processes. Finvision analyses, advises and improves where necessary. Together we can bring your internal operations to an even higher level.

Select the right tools and make them work

You are only as good as your internal company tools. It pays to invest in credit management systems that improve your operations. Finvision will listen to your requirements and offer the right master data management tools and fine-tune them for your company.

Deliver extra manpower

Are one or more employees unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances? Bring in Finvision. We will send you the most suitable credit manager, credit analyst, credit controller, credit collector or project manager. You will still be able to offer your customers the service they deserve.

Manage SME receivables via Shared Service Center

Finvision stands in for receivables management of your SME. Thanks to our Shared Service Center, using our online platform, you will always have the latest information. You follow, Finvision executes.

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